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We can supply and fit a wide range of automotive and commercial batteries.

There are many reasons for battery failure such as weather conditions, battery age and leaving your head lights on.

It is always possible that a faulty battery could cause your vehicles ECU to generate a fault code generating a warning light on your dashboard.

When a battery needs replacing it is important that the quality or power of the battery is never reduced to save money as this will probably result in premature failure of the new battery.

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Free Battery Check

Free Battery Check

Pop in and we can run a free health check on your battery.

Mobile Battery Fitting

Mobile Battery Fitting

We can come to you at home or work to replace your vehicle battery

24/7 Recovery

We are fully licenced and qualified to recover your vehicle. Just call us any time, day or night on 01375 808338

Emergency Services

Round the clock breakdown assistance and recovery for Ambulances, Rapid response and PTS vehicles

Mechanical Repairs

Suspension, Ball joints, Shock absorbers, Driveshafts, Cambelt replacement, Clutch replacement and more


We service all makes of cars and light commercial vehicles. Free local collection and delivery.
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